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Enter our world! We are sure we have some valuable things for your construction site. Please let us know how we can be of your service. We love listening to requirements and needs and responding with solutions.

Company Profile

PAC Technologies LLC was established in Dubai in July 2007. It has had a very clear objective from the beginning: To provide high quality construction chemicals with a superior than customary and more personalized level of quality service.

PAC Technologies manufacturing units comprise of plants for liquid, powder and resin production. These production lines are supported by dedicated laboratories and R&D centres for each production line. Here, experienced minds continuously strive to ensure consistent quality of product. They are also constantly looking for innovative new solutions to keep pace with the ever exceeding market demands.

The portfolio of this young manufacturing and trading company includes five major business lines:

  1. Concrete Admixtures Systems
  2. Concrete Repair and Protection & Ready to Use Mortars
  3. Building & Construction Systems
  4. Oil and Gas Chemicals
  5. Cement Grinding Aids

• Speciality coatings
• Fire rated and other sealants
• Flooring systems
• Waterproofing Systems
• Green Building & Façade Systems
• Injection techniques and under ground solutions

Our experienced teams of business development personnel, technical sales people and technicians are eager to provide assistance to you from the specifications stage to our on-site presence leading up to after sales support.

A Perfect chemistry is indeed the promise that we make to our clients: Providing them with the perfect concrete chemistry so they can achieve a better structure and more durable construction.