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A concern for the environment, a culture of learning and development that is based on fairness to people and respect for cultural diversity, at PAC, Responsible Care is a way of doing business everyday.

Environmental Policy

At PAC Technologies our commitment for the environment goes beyond just words. It is a fact, an obligation, but most important of all a management conviction. We don’t just manufacture advanced construction technologies. We manufacture products with a deep concern for the environment and for the health and safety of our employees and end users. Protecting the environment by using environmentally friendly in house procedures and developing safer products remains one of our guiding principles.

This is done on an internal operational level as well as on the products level. For instance: 

Our formulations for concrete admixtures avoid Formaldehyde as concrete preservative, instead we use Biocides. Biocides that we use are safer and pose little harm to the human body. It does render our cost of production higher but our promise of a safer environment and safer products is more important than that. 

We capture and recycle all the wash water that is generated in the washing operation of our mixers and tanks. In the course of a busy day, it can be a substantial amount of water. Water is precious and preventing its waste is the responsibility of all members of the community. 

Plastic is one of the most harmful materials for the environment and it is not degradable. We decided to use paper bags instead to pack our powder range of products instead of plastic bags commonly used in our industry. The costs are a little higher, but this type of bags is easily recycled and can be reused for other applications.