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Technical Cooperation, collaborations and principles
The strength of a business lies in teamwork and we have teamed up with some of the best names in the business, crossing boundaries and continents in the process.
EQIOM - France

EQIOM - France

EQIOM is a subsidary of the Irish group CRH, worldwide leading supplier of construction products. The group is present in 37 countries worldwide with more than 90 000 employees. EQIOM positions itself as a generator of innovations and solutions to meet the new challenges of sustainable development, which is at the heart of the strategy of EQIOM. This dynamic brings the inoovation in our technics, our process and our solutions that meet the requirements of the sustainable construciton. It is a matter of controlling the balance within the three poles, i.e. enomic, social and environmental. EQIOM. Committed, together, to success.

“Our Special Products have been proven in the most challenging projects, like bridges, tunnels, motorways & airports, where our solutions have contributed to their success”. 

Manufactured and marketed by EQIOM France, the product range of Spinor® is designed for injection applications in various fields (oil-well cementing, underground constructions, repairs of damaged structures, etc) as well as the Superstresscem range of special grouts. 

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