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The strength of a business lies in teamwork and we have teamed up with some of the best names in the business, crossing boundaries and continents in the process.
FABRINO - Germany

FABRINO - Germany

Fabrino produces a wide range of high-quality finishing products for architectural concrete.

The desire to apply a colour finish to concrete surface is not just a fashionable trend but a matter of quality of life. Beyond texture, the colour of the concrete is the second factor determining the concrete facade. Fabrino’s premium pigments and liquid colours are mainly used to add a colour achieving a unique appearance and a more powerful and brilliant colour of the hydrated cement by using white cement and/or coloured aggregates.

Their products are specified by architects, engineers and draughtsman, primarily for the precast, cast stone and concrete products industry. They offer tailor-made, favorably priced products to you wherever attributes such as outstanding quality, durability, aesthetic appeal and sustainability are considered key criteria. 

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