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Waterproofing/Corrosion Inhibitor admixture

Hycrete is Integral waterproofing and corrosion protection solutions for durable concrete construction.
Hycrete’s innovative technology delivers water-tight concrete construction, cost savings, and reduced construction time and maintenance, all with a greener solution. Hycrete admixtures exceed the benchmark for hydrophobic concrete, which is less than 1% water absorption.
Hycrete’s products start as environmentally friendly,  water soluble admixtures.
When dosed into concrete, the Hycrete molecule chemically transforms, becoming a water-insoluble polymer.
That polymer plugs pores in the concrete, keeping water out and blocking the diffusion of corrosive ions through the concrete.
It also bonds to the surface of steel reinforcement, creating a protective layer that shields the rebar from corrosion.
Finally, Hycrete’s technology self-heals cracks.
All together, the Hycrete molecule keeps water out of the concrete and corrosive agents away from the steel